zaterdag 6 augustus 2016

Appley Beach, down at the beach, bench 1: Aaron James Dunford

On a beautiful spot, very close to the sand of the beach, stands this bench dedicated to Aaron James Dunford who suddenly died at the age of 22 in 2015. He was from East Cowes, very much loved by his family and very popular with his friends.

His death was caused by asphyxiation as the result of chronic use of nitrous oxide, known better as laughing gas. He was a student at Brighton University and after his death 200 empty canisters of the gas were found in his room.

Later it became known that in the last months of his life he could not walk the stairs anymore because of pains in his knees caused by using the gas. It is not an offence to have the gas in possession or to us it. It can give you a short term high, because it pushes the oxygen from your lungs. But there is a big downside: it can cause a huge deficiency of vitamin B12. 

                                          Aaron Dunford 

The police investigated the tragic death of Aaron James Dunford and stated that anyone using this drug should have a good thought about it. Already the first use can cause severe damage to your nervous system. 

This "drug" is responsible for at least 17 deaths in the UK in the last 6 years.
There is a strong plea to make it illegal, but until now it's very easy to obtain through the internet. The canisters are used to make whipped cream. Maybe this tragedy will make a difference?

                                          View from Aaron's bench

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