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Steyne Road, bench at the busstop

Mrs.Enid Mary Sainsbury, nee Watson died aged 96 in 2007. This bench was presented to the community in 2001.

Mrs.Sainsbury was born in 1910 as a child of Frank and Annie Watson. Frank and his brother Sidney were founders of the Watson Estate Agency, what later became Watson, Bull and Porter and later Watson Grocery Stores and Post Office. Nowadays it is Lily's Cafe and Shop.

Lily's Cafe and Shop

Enid Mary Watson was a gifted violin player. She won many prices at the IW Musical Competition.
She played on many occasions.
In 1934 she married minister Kenneth Sainsbury. The couple lived for 24 years in Colchester, Essex.
They got three children. Mrs.Sainsbury was a very active minister's wife and was a member of the church choir.

After Kenneth Sainsbury retired, the couple returned to Seaview. Mrs.Sainsbury played in the IW Symphony Orchestra from 1983 to 1995, when she had to give up playing the violin.

                                          Isle of Wight Symphony Orchestra

Shortly after that the couple went back to Colchester, to be nearer the children and grandchildren.
Mr.Sainsbury died there in 2004.

Mrs.Sainsbury supported lots of good causes, like the IW Donkey Sanctuary and the Fellowship of Reconciliation.
She died in 2007, leaving behind three children, two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

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