vrijdag 19 augustus 2016

Steyne Road, bench at busstop

This bench has been dedicated to the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2012.
The Queen was born in 1926 and is since 6 February 1952 Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New-Zealand. That day her father, King George Vl died.

                                          2 June 1953, coronation of Elizabeth II.

The jubilee was celebrated in a big orchestrated celebration in London.
Top of the show was of course the balcony scene, where you can see the Royal family.

                                          Diamond Jubilee

By now Queen Elizabeth is one of the longest reigning monarchs in the world; only King Bhumibol of Thailand has been on the throne for a longer period.

                                          King Bhumibol of Thailand

It doesn't look like she will step down voluntarily. To me it looks like it's impossible that Prince Charles would be the next King. Getting divorced and getting remarried to a divorced woman was always a guarantee that you could never be King in the United Kingdom. So quite obvious Prince William will be the next King. King William IV, if I'm not mistaken.

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