zondag 7 augustus 2016

Appley Beach, down at the beach, bench 7: Alan Miles

A lovely spot has been chosen for the bench dedicated to Alan Miles, from Ryde. From here you have a great view on the Solent. In the summer time the beach is bustling with life, people enjoying the beach.

                                                      Alan Miles

Alan was born in 1941 in Brighton. As a boy of 16 he joined the merchant navy, which brought him to faraway places, like Australia and India. After this period he became working in the safety business, becoming an expert in fire alarm and intercom equipment. For his job he visited the Channel Islands quite often and really loved it over there. In 1972 he fell in love with another island: the Isle of Wight, so he moved to Ryde. In 1973 he started his own business in safety equipment: Island Fire Alarms.

The business has been taken over by his son Philip after he retired.
Mr. Miles was married to Leslye and got three children. When he died he was the proud grandfather of 5 grandchildren.

                                         View from the bench

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